Virginia Truffle Trees


Virginia Truffle Trees

Truffles are not popular in the USA, however, in recent years they have been gaining popularity in Va since there has been evidence that the soil in this area can sustain truffles. Years ago after visiting Europe we were fascinated by the truffle after having a delicious truffle dish in Italy. Truffles can grow in the USA with a good climate, optimal site choices, and proper cultivation procedures, the Black Perigord production will occur under hazel, oak, chestnut, poplar, willow. To ensure tree health and viability Locust Grove Farm has selected hardy stock primarily in oak and hazelnut, the best potential hosts for truffle production.


  • Oak has the longevity to sustain truffle production over a century, requires less pruning and produces less debris;
  • A truffiere can use mixed species or monoculture – it is an individual choice.
  • Hazel has a lifespan of over 40 years and the benefit of the secondary hazelnut harvest but requires extensive pruning to produce a tree form;


The key to successful truffle production to establish the symbiotic relationship between Tuber Melanosporum and its host tree. This association involves the complete envelopment of the tree roots by the fungus. The T. Melanosporum, in return for mineral ions, particularly phosphorus, receives carbohydrates from the tree. In order to promote optimum truffle production constant nurture and protection safeguards this association to ensure the root coverage is complete and undisturbed.

Trials have been ongoing to expand our variety of host trees that accommodate T. Melanosporum. Our primary goal is to ensure the highest quality truffle production while also ensuring climatic suitability, adaptability, and consistent production in the widely varying extremes of the Virginia climate.

truffle dog in virginia

Above is our Truffle Dog (Lagotto Romagnolo, getting ready for his truffle training)


Locust Grove Truffle Trees

Truffles raise hardy host trees well established in gallon containers. Quantities available in a given year will vary. Recently available proven host tree varieties are:

black truffles in virginia

Oakwood has been valued for wine cask construction, its acorns for a high protein food supply, and produces Black this tree can produce Perigord Truffle. We are delighted that it is proving to be an excellent truffle producer. Documentation of harvest time is ongoing and closely connected to our documented year-round soil, weather, and other conditions. At the moment we are in the experimental phase of our truffle journey, once we are established we can offer services to the public when we feel we have enough knowledge on this topic and have harvested successfully.