Our Principals

Faithful To Our Purpose

As a faith-driven farm, we believe we are to be found faithful in honoring our Creator’s intended design. 

Our beliefs principle in action:


  • Caring for our animals the way we believe God intended; living outdoors in a humane fashion.
  • We build landscapes that sequester more carbon, absorb more clean water and photosensitize more sunlight.
  • We implement farming practices that provide a positive social and economic impact on our neighbors, communities, and our surrounding area.

Real Home Grown Pastures

It’s our desire to earn long-term trust by being up-front and honest about our claims. 

Here’s how we put this principle into action:

  • While 90% of “grass-fed beef” sold at retail in the USA is from cheap imported sources, we choose to stick with the real homegrown stuff.
  • While the U.S.D.A. allows the big guys to feed grain by-products and still be legally labeled as “100% grass-fed” – we’ve steered clear of this funny business.
  • While industrialized “pastured eggs” flood the supermarkets, we’ve remained true to hens that actually live and rotate on pasture, not in confinement style barns. 

Our Fellowship of Farms

Because of the overwhelming support we are now grateful to partner with a fellowship of carefully selected farmers and artisans that are committed to producing livestock according to our specific standards. We invest time to visit and develop trusting relationships with our partnering farms in order to ensure the quality and integrity of our products.