Local Beef Central Virginia

Local Beef Central Virginia

We have found as more people are educated on the food industry, more and more are seeking out local farmers to supply their families with healthy farm-fresh foods. We live in Montpelier Va, and we feel supporting Local Beef in our central Virginia location is a great way to eat healthy and support the local economy.

grass fed beef

Local Beef

Local beef is natural, healthier, and more ethical.

If you have educated yourself on many of our beef facilities that the modern USA produces you will be amazed that the process is not a healthy one for the cows, nor the people eating the beef.  They’re given hormones to help them grow faster, fed unnatural grains such as corn (which is almost always genetically modified), and then when they get sick from being fed unnatural substances, given unnatural chemicals, and not being allowed outside at all, they’re given antibiotics. This process is not natural and the overall beef us lacking nutrients as well as chemicals and antibiotics because of modern beef production in feedlots.


The Diet Of Central Virginia Beef

Cows were not created to eat corn!—cows are grazers and meant to eat natural grasses and hay. This is what makes local beef so great. We add supplemental hay when needed. At Locust Grove Pastures Our grass is never treated with any pesticides or chemicals.

Factory farms also differ from local beef farms in the respect that they slaughter the animal at just 22 months of age, sometimes even younger. The proper age for a natural cow that will produce local beef local grass fed beefto be slaughtered is two full years. At Locust Grove Pastures, we ensure our local beef is ready for slaughter and we never take any cows that aren’t of age to be slaughtered. Our cattle are transported by our family to a local slaughterhouse, where the cattle are inspected to ensure they’re healthy and then humanely killed. This is not what you’ll find at a commercial slaughterhouse where factory farms take their beef to.

Due to the commercial nature of factory farms, they’re often far away from the slaughterhouses in which the cattle are killed. This means large trucks of the cattle are transported for sometimes hundreds of miles away to be killed. These cattle are usually overcrowded into trucks and aren’t given any food or water or much protection from harsh weather conditions such as freezing or scorching temperatures.


Buying Local Beef Is Simple To Do

grass fed meats pasture raisedThe process for purchasing local beef is simple, and you have the opportunity to see where your local beef was raised and lived its life in Hanover, Virginia. Local beef farms have much to offer that factory farms personal attention and care for the cattle, healthy, lean meats, a local, natural ranch, and free-range, happy cattle.

Local beef is much more than choosing beef from your local store—that beef came from miles away, was most likely inhumanely treated, and given unnatural chemicals and hormones. At Cottonwood Ranch, we represent local beef farms everywhere by providing you with local beef that tastes amazing and is healthy and natural for your family.

Buying local beef has never been so important as it today. Today, factory farms have become normal and unethical practices are conducted all over the country, all to provide you with cheap beef that’s unnatural, full of weird substances, and lived a sad life. Local beef farms today aim to provide you with beef that was born and raised as it would be in nature—outside with sunshine, clean water, fresh grass, and the care they need and deserve.

Local beef has no substitute—come and try our beef at Locust Grove Pastures. You’ll taste the difference!