About Our Farm

Our Farm

locust grove pastures - grass fed beefOur Farm has been operating since the late 1700’s and was originally owned by General Nelson a founding Father of the USA. Our Farm has been passed from several generations of Quakers and its prized rich soil has been harvesting local crops for over 300 years. The Farm was divided a few years back and we had a passion to preserve the history behind this historic farm and restore the wonderful farmhouse that has been in the same family for many generations.

The soil has been properly farmed and as a result, produces beautiful pastures. Our Richmond Virginia area location makes for a great climate with rich green pastures for our cows. We decided that this spot was the perfect place for a grass-fed meat farm due to the rich soil that would be a great base to develop pasture for our cows as well as pigs. 

Your Food. Our Mission.

Our mission is to glorify God by helping busy, informed consumers gain access to safe and ethical foods you can eat with confidence. Our goal is to provide the peace of mind that comes from having a direct relationship with a farmer you can know and trust.

Our Radical Transformation

10 years ago we operated a tiny farm using industrial agricultural practices on our small plot in Northern Va, this was mostly vegetables. However, as a result of a family health crisis, we became convicted of our need to make radical changes in our farming practices and philosophies. We thought about our farm on a natural level only and decided to go back in time when beef was only grass-fed and hormones and antibiotics were no existent to administer to livestock.

locust grove farm richmond va beef farm

In 2008 after the financial crises we embarked on a radical journey to build a rural life and moved to Virginia. We began with only 3 acres and implemented many different organic-based sustainable techniques and learned to farm the land. We purchased a livestock breed of dogs knowing that we would eventually use them for our meat-based pasture farm to help guard our tiny pigs. Our specialty is Kunekune Pigs and heritage breed turkeys for our local community and keep a small garden for our family.

We select heritage breeds, who have proven themselves to be resilient and acclimated to outdoor living, and representative of their species as they have been for centuries. In our observations, these animals produce the best quality meats, eggs, wool and pelts. 

We believe in raising our livestock as naturally as possible, out on pasture, utilizing rotational grazing methods that are gentle on the land.  

 Only grass and never any antibiotics or hormones. Our pasture-based farm based on transparency with an open door to the public. In 2019 we moved to central Richmond Virginia area to expand on our farming and fulfill our dream of providing pasture-raised meats and vegetables to those who cherish wholesome real foods raised with no pesticides or antibiotics. Much has changed since this farm began in the late 1700’s, we are on a much smaller plot, and it is no longer owned by a founding Father of the U.S.A., we drive cars and have a drone we rarely use, however, the same natural approach and love for our animals still exists and resonates in our delicious grass-fed beef and pork.

our grass fed organic farm