RVA organic beef

Organic Pasture Raised Meat Located in RVA Area

Organic Pasture Raised Meat Located in RVA Area

RVA organic beef


Farm Fresh Meat in Richmond Virginia Area

We are happy to be a part of the growing RVA area. Having seen such rapid growth over the last 25 years in this area has been very exciting. Many people will often have their car mechanics that they may befriend and trust and continue to go back to them when they need services for their cars. We have been fans of Organic foods well before it became trendy.  One thing we have seen in the last 10 years, is many organic products that although may contain organic ingredients, they still may not contain enough nutrients than pasture-raised organic meats.

Grass-fed beef is one example. If you take a trip to Costco you will find the Organic beef, with the certified sticker, which we bought for years, until we discovered from a friend who purchased a farm in Northern Va that “Grass fed Beef” is loaded with natural vitamins and minerals that will not be found in organic beef. Why? Simply because the organic grain they feed is still nutrient deficient such as corn, cows are not designed to eat corn and have to be taught to consume this ingredient.

local grass fed beef


We decided to start our Farm in the RVA area and be sure to have organic Pasture-Raised meat because our dream of owning a hobby farm where we can grow our own vegetables and beef was simply the only option.  Our cows consume grass that is seeded with non-GMO seeds, our cows are 100% grass-fed, unlike many operations who may finish their beef with the grain. We deliver in the RVA area and to purchase Farm Fresh Grass Fed Beef , we have provided online ordering. We are located in Hanover County Va in the historic town of Montpelier Va. If you are in the area, please give us a call or email and if we are available we are happy to give you a tour of our small pasture-raised organic meat hobby farm.

We are proud to serve Richmond Va , RVA and hope to see you soon!

Check out our facebook page as well as our Farm Instagram Account.

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  1. Thank you for your posts, I have learned a lot and happy to say your beef is absolutely delicious! Thank you for working with our family and it was worth the wait. Anibel and family

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