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Protection Live Stock Dogs – Cane Corso


Cane Corso as Livestock Guardian

Our farm fell in to a MAJOR problem in the past: Coyotes & Foxes.  These coyotes learned quickly they had a free and easy meal in the mobile chicken operation.  The nightly feeding rampage was so aggressive that we almost decided that we should end our farm project. At the moment we raise pasture chickens and they require guardians against predators.

Lots of ideas kicked around but the one that stuck was adding livestock guardian dogs to the farm.  We decided to put our live stock guardian breed to work that has been guardian livestock for thousands of years in Europe the Cane Corso. (which we breed as we need for our farm).

In the past they were regularly used as livestock and farm guardian dogs. They are known for their ability to defeat predators such as wild dogs, coyotes, wild boar among many others. It should be noted that not all bloodlines have adequate guardian qualities at this point in time.

Once we decided to use our dogs to protect the birds things turned around!  We were able to sleep at night knowing that the dogs were patrolling and watching our pasture.  Since our dogs have been working the birds, we haven’t lost a single bird to a predator.  

What do the dogs eat?  We feed them raw!  We decided our animals need the best nutrition and although some get a quality kibble diet, most will eat raw.

Our dogs are fierce protectors who defend our pigs and chickens in an amazing way! Once the sun starts to set, they patrol the fence like protective soldiers. They will patrol all night, walking along the perimeter.  This is centuries-old instinct, we have never trained them and its amazing to see their instincts come out.

The dogs can get curious from time to time, and in some cases I had one escape, however they don’t go far.  Sometimes they may sense a critter outside their boundary.

Our dogs are gentle with the animals, often times seeking companionship from our farm animals.  They are well liked by our visitors and love to get pet!

If you are interested in a livestock guardian or farm guardian dog, you may want to consider the Cane Corso.  If you are looking for a homestead guardian dog this could be a good fit for you as well. This breed is not ideal for first time dominant breed dog owners. Please do your research. The Cane Corso is great for a live stock guardian dog, however is not for novice owners, and requires training.

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