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Benefits Of Organic Beef In Central Virginia

As consumers become more aware of how important diet is to their health they are becoming more demanding of the food they eat.

More people are choosing to eat Organic food than ever before—organic meat and produce can become an excellent way to prevent many diseases that arise from an unhealthy diet. At Locust Grove Pastures we want our customer to feel good about the Central Va Based grass fed meats we offer, enjoy the health benefits of natural, locally-grown beef, Pork and Lamb.

Why else should you choose organic beef Northern Virginia?

No Antibiotics or Hormones Ever!

As many of you may know the food industry has been dominated for many years by multi million dollar publicly traded companies who have an obligation to maximize their shareholders equity and in many cases reduce the quality of the production cycle at our expense (to our health) . As feed lots take on large amounts of cattle in a small amount of space, many of these industrial farmers will give antibiotics to help keep them alive until they are slaughtered at the meat market.

Most of the cattle on these large industrial farms will give their cattle hormones so they can grow faster and maximize the profit. The average age for a cow to be slaughtered is only 18 months. When you choose organic beef Central Virginia at Locust Grove Pastures, our black angus cattle are raised to their full maturity, of at least 24 months old.

We do not use any hormones or antibiotics on our beef .

Pesticide and Herbicide-Free Pasture

Grasses are the natural diet of cattle and make healthy beef that can’t be replicated by a diet of mostly grains. Organic beef Northern Virginia means that no pesticides or herbicides are used on the pastures that the cattle graze on. The use and trace consumption of pesticides and herbicides has been linked to cancer, infertility, and more health problems.

When you choose organic beef  Central Virginia, you’re choosing the highest quality meat that has been raised on pesticide free grass, no hormones and the quality is in the taste!

Ethical Treatment and Locally Owned

Our the animals are never confined in such a way that would promote unhealthy conditions, our cattle spends their days enjoying the fresh air of Hanover county Central Virginia, while grazing our our farm that has been in operation since the 1700’s.

When you choose our local Beef in our Central Virginia Farm, you’re choosing quality meat from a historic quality farm that’s locally owned and operated. When your meat comes from a reputable source nearby, you can feel good about purchasing beef that you know exactly where it came from, taste the difference call or email us for the next delivery date in central virginia.






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